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Tight Spot Arrow Quiver
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Tight Spot Arrow Quiver

Price: $129.99

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Nine hood options!

"TightSpot™'s groundbreaking innovation and design make it hands-down the finest quiver ever made!"

For the first time, your quiver will help, not hinder your shooting. TightSpot™ adjusts to the right spot to give you overall system balance and to fight accuracy-affecting torque. With TightSpot™, you'll shoot better with your quiver on than you ever did with your quiver off!

Better bow balance!

TightSpot™ acts more like a stabilizer than a quiver!

Adjust your quiver to the right spot with the TightSpot™. The TightSpot™ Quiver’s exclusive (patent pending) “RightSpot” 3-way Adjustment System lets you fine-tune the balance of your bow using your quiver. Now, your TightSpot™ will act much like a stabilizer, instead of adversely affecting your shooting like other quivers!

Holds arrows tight... always!

Individually adjustable arrow grippers assure no more loose or lost arrows!

Over time, or in cold weather, arrow grippers on all quivers tend to loosen. The exclusive Bulldog Gripper™ System (patent pending) on a TightSpot™ Quiver is different in that you can adjust the grip for each individual arrow. By simply moving the ArrowWedges™ in or out, you get a custom grip in each individual arrow slot. No more arrows making noise, vibrating loose or falling out of your quiver!

  • New for 2013, a larger wedge in the Quick Draw™ slot adjusts for even smaller diameter arrows

  • Tighten each ArrowWedge™ to adjust the grip pressure in each individual arrow slot

  • Adjusts to hold small diameter Victory VAP or Easton Injexion shafts


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