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We carry arrows from;

 Easton, Beman, Gold Tip and Victory Archery. We use Bohning's 2" Blazer Vane. You can choose 1/2 dz or 1 Dz. All our arrows are hand fletched. We sand the shaft and acetone wipe to insure excellent vane bonding.

You can choose from 3 different fletching options;

3 Degrees helix; A perfect 3 degrees of helix on a 2" vane. The best for the drop away rests.

Straight; Perfect for those who shoot a biscut style rest.

3 degrees offset; Fletched on Bitzenberger Jigs.

Many vane colors to choose from(vane colors will be listed for your choosing in each listing). If you want all colors the same, please enter only 1 color.

All shaft ends are cleaned prior to installing insert for an excellent insert bond.

Please choose Manufacture to view listings!!!!!!!!!!

For the arrow length, please measure the shaft from the nock groove to shaft end.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

Build your arrow the way you want it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Parker Hunter Crossbow Arrows-6Pk

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